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Here at Drone Photography Experts, we turn new ideas for aerial &360° imagery into stunning reality. If you need virtual 360° panoramic tours, aerial video or photographic footage professionally edited using our own in-house 4K Edit suite we can also offer super-fast turnaround edits, providing a complete ‘End to end’ service. We offer a personalised and bespoke service for every project whilst maintaining constant communication with you the client at every stage to ensure a 100% satisfaction at all times. And what’s more, we apply low rates so you should not ask yourself whether you can afford a virtual tour, but whether you can afford not to make a virtual tour?
We produce dramatic aerial property photography and videos for new property developers. Aerial videos and 360° virtual photographic tours capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surroundings, not possible with only ground-based photography.  Virtual tours are a great addition for you in promoting your new properties for sale. However, until now virtual tour software has been pretty expensive and unaffordable for many property developers. This all changes now because Drone Photography Experts can offer you the opportunity to present all your properties.  Drone Photography Experts make it easy & very affordable for us to offer property virtual tours software to help sell your properties faster!
Statistics have shown that properties with virtual tours have a higher number of prospective clients visiting than properties that those who do not have virtual tours.  A virtual tour gives a potential buyer the opportunity to view the vehicle from the comfort of their own home! Moreover, you as a property developer have a greater reach and you will have fewer “time-consuming” visits. If your prospective buyer decides to come and see your property, they are already very interested as they will already have viewed the virtual tour several times.
​A 360-degree virtual tour gives your customers an opportunity to see what you’re selling in a way that no ordinary two-dimensional photography can do. Virtual tours provide viewers with a complete picture rather glimpses that often can leave questions and uncertainties in their minds.
All your Drone Photography Expert virtual tours can be shared by email link, WhatsApp, Face Book, Twitter, downloaded as a QR code for mobile use and more importantly embedded as a virtual tour on your website or Right Move.  Full edits and changes are included in the one-off affordable price. All our virtual tours include and are personalised as follows:
Agent business name and narrative
Fully interactive 360° room navigation
Interactive directional arrows
Quick Access Room Thumbnails
Quick Access Room Menu
Information points throughout the tour including full property description
You Tube video player in the virtual tour
Automated contact forms direct to a designated email
Automated email links
Automated website links
Automated mobile phone friendly telephone number links
Drone Aerial Footage

​This is the time to future proof your property estate and viewings.  More recently we live in an uncertain world with unprecedented social distancing restrictions.  Many estate agencies and property developers have started to “rethink” their marketing.
​Never has the saying "a picture paints 1,000 words" been more relevant. Brands are seeking new ways to build trust. In a world of diminishing physical contact and rising online and e-commerce activity, consumers are demanding a better visual experience. Property searches start online and visualising properties has never been more important. Virtual tours and virtual reality are the natural next step for any letting & estate agents, merging visuals with active participation.
We will show you how to transform your property for sale portfolio into an aerial immersive experience that your audience can connect with in a perspective uniquely illustrated that will stand leaps and bounds above your competition.
Drone Photography Experts will always produce compelling, interesting and emotionally engaging property tours that will make your property come to life on line or to be sent digitally.
Foreign investors who are willing to purchase properties without ever visiting the property are more likely to seal the deal if their view of the property is more immersive and visually stimulating. The immersive virtual experience inspires confidence among potential buyers.
Drone Photography Experts are fully insured up to £10m for any type of operation ensuring we meet the industry standard of (EC)785/2004.

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